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from a dream to reality...


Samba is a Brazilian dance and Brazilian music for the people. Which the founder of Sweet Samba are from Brasil. Samba style of  infectious rhythm and dance, its roosts however trace back hundreds of years to customs and traditions brought to Brazil by African slaves. Sweet Samba is a hip lifestyle boutique & spa with an authentic vibe and most importantly a clean, professional environment where you can relax and unwind while enjoying the highest quality spa services. Whether you enjoy shopping the boutique, enjoying a signature Organic Facial or experiencing our award winning Brazilian waxing, Sweet Samba offers an innovative and rejuvenating experience. 


We are Famous for our Brazilian Waxing and specialize in first timers! Our staff is licensed and very experienced in dealing with your expectations and anxiety. Overall, this is the most delicate and private area of your body and you wouldn't trust just any spa/salon that says they do Brazilian waxing, would you? The best service is often found at a smaller spa whose clientele holds them to a higher standard and that's exactly who we are. We pride ourselves on being the best Brazilian Waxing Specialists in Atlanta. We have an extremely loyal clientele and we do our very best to make sure your service is perfect and personal each and every time. We are about building trust and relationships through excellent service and personal connections.


Sweet Samba strives to help all of our guests achieve that sense of personal satisfaction with their image through our treatments, boutique, classes and services.















Interested in starting your own Sweet Samba franchise?


Sweet Samba is rapidly becoming the benchmark and a highly recognizable name in the Boutique & Spa industries. That is why, after many requests, Sweet Samba is taking it's concept to the next level by offering entrepreneurs all over the world the opportunity of a lifetime.... their very own Sweet Samba franchise. Can you imagine loving what you do? Below is an overview of the Sweet Samba franchise process. We take great care in selecting our franchisees in order to maintain the integrity of our concept.

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