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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Operations During Corona-Virus

We might have all been locked inside for the majority of last year, but Sweet Samba is still here open and ready to help with your waxing needs.

Just because we’re all masked up

Just because we’re all masked up doesn’t mean we need to feel less beautiful or stay hairy and uncomfortable! ;) We’re doing everything we can to keep you on that self-care regimen that you’re used to and so deserve as the beautiful and magnificent person you are. We all know even if we’re at home it’s soooo nice to be smooth and care-free, well, as care-free as we possibly can in this weird and unprecedented time we find ourselves a part of.

What are we doing to keep you safe in these strange times? Our team is constantly cleaning frequently touched surfaces in the common areas and inside the service rooms, with deep cleaning multiple times a week and also taking advantage of professional cleaning services in our salons. All employees and clients are required to wear masks and temperatures are taken at the door before allowing clients to enter our salons.

Our main goal for all these precautions is to keep our clients safe, smiling and hair free during this pandemic. We hope and pray that we’ll be able to see everyone’s smiling faces here again soon, mask and maskne free!


Sweet Samba

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