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Doesn’t maskne suck?

Doesn’t maskne suck? Big red bumps, irritation, bacteria all on your face...yuck!

Having flawless skin even beneath a mask makes anyone have a confidence boost.

So how to have that perfect glow with the mandatory mask wearing we all find ourselves a part of??? Tips!!

  1. Try to wear soft cotton masks instead of rough fabric or plastic masks. The soft cotton will absorb some excess moisture and helps soothe irritated bumps instead of rubbing your face raw.

  2. Stay up on your skincare routine! Don’t forget to wash your face in the AM & PM, our skin is exposed to tons of dirt, pollution and other blemish causing environmental pollutants. You wanna be sure to be getting that gunk off at the end of every day.

*Bonus pro-tip: Change your pillowcase! Go a step further and invest in a silk pillowcase

If all else fails do can help

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